Vermeer Directional Drills carry on a proud legacy of reliability, which is why we are proud owners of:
(1) Vermeer 7,000lb Directional Drill
(2) Vermeer 24,000lb Directional Drill
(3) Vermeer 36,000lb Directional Drill

Our Prime 60/30, 60Ton Horizontal Directional Drill is a powerful and technically fully developed device. Capable of drilling length up to 3,280’ and with diameter of up to 40” are possible.

Loaders / Excavators

(3) 10,000lb Takahuchi Mini Backhoe with Trailer
(1) 18,500lb Cat Excavator
(1) 54,450lb Cat Excavator
(1) 13,000lb Case Wheel Loader
(1) 7,670lb Case Skid Loader

Service Trucks:

(6) Fuel Trucks
(5) Service Trucks
(4) Water Trucks

Mud Handling

(3) Vacuum Excavation Equipment for Utility Exposing
(1) 450+gpm Trailer Mounted Mud Recycling System, 2,400 gallon capacity
(1) 800+gpm Trailer Mounted Mud Recycling System, 5,000 gallon capacity


We are able to fuse pipe ranging from 1” to 18” in Diameter
(2) McElroy 1×4 Butt Fuser
(1) McElroy 2×8 Butt Fuser
(1) McElroy 4×12 Butt Fuser
(1) McElroy 6×18 Butt Fuser